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Placement Policy

Classroom placement is always a challenging process. It is important to remember that we must have equitable placement for ALL children. In order for this to be achieved, the following procedure will be followed in the placement of students:

-The Placement Team will review ALL Input Forms—The team, taking into
consideration all categories, will form balanced, equitable classes. Balance must be
-The Principal will have final authority on balance/equitable changes, if needed.


At this time the district makes a final teacher allotment, based on school population the first 20 days of school. In the event that we are required to add a teacher the following Redistribution Procedure will occur to again assure fairness to
all children:

A. Volunteers…parents and children will be given the opportunity to volunteer to move to the new classroom.
B. Using a lottery method, the rest of the class will be formed; names will be drawn to assure fairness. (Example: All high achieving female names will go into a hat and will be picked according to the number needed to balance the classroom.) If at the 20th day we are required to lose a teacher, the students that are in the classroom that will lose the teacher will be equitably distributed among the other teachers at that grade level.

Student Placement - During the School Year

Placement of students is always an emotional issue. Sometimes as parents we want a particular teaching style or the same teacher that another family member had. It is important to remember that we must have equitable placement for all children and that classrooms must be reasonably balanced with children of all abilities. Every thought is given to where children are placed. Once final placement decisions have been made, classroom transfers are NOT encouraged. Children and parents both need to be exposed to different teaching styles and learning environments. When a transfer is requested, a three-step process is required:

1. Parent meets with teacher and principal to discuss concerns. Wait two weeks to see if
problems are resolved.
2. After 2 weeks, parents and teacher meet with administrator to discuss options.
3. The final decision to transfer a student into another classroom is at the
discretion of the principal.


If we continually place children in the same learning environment year after year, it
would be an enormo
us disservice to them when they reach middle school and are
exposed to a variety of different teachers and styles. We all grow and learn from new