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We want to hear from you!

We always strive to improve and increase parent involvement at Governor Bent Elementary. We welcome your comments and feedback on ways we can improve parent involvement.

Please bring your comments to the office so we can share them with the District.

Title I Compact and Family Engagement

Title I Parent Compact

The Title I Parent Compact is an agreement developed by staff and parents to identify the expectations for students, parents, teachers, and administrators to fulfill as a member of the team who is working together to help students succeed.

  • Parents are given a copy of the compact to sign during registration.
  • Teachers review the compact with parents during parent/teacher meetings.
  • An additional copy of the compact is sent home to parents soon after the beginning of the school year.

We meet with parents during the school year to review and revise our Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Parent Compact.  We welcome your involvement!

Title I Annual Meeting

Each year, we hold our Title I Annual meeting on the same evening of our Curriculum Night.  During this meeting, we discuss:

  • Our Participation in Title I
  • Title I Requirements
  • Parent rights to be involved and ways to be involved
  • How Title I Funds are used
  • Our School Letter Grade
  • Answer your questions

Family Events

Each year, our staff hosts a variety of fun family events.  We welcome all of our Governor Bent families to attend!  Some of our past events were:

  • Evening field trip to Explora Museum
  • Hands-on Math Night with Sandia National Labs
  • Astronomy Night
  • Literacy Night our families learned to use strategies to support reading skills with their children
  • Fall Festival

Parent & Community Connections

  • Our partnership with community programs that support our student & family activities include: Presbyterian’s Day of Service, Sandia National Labs, Explora Museum, CSI after school clubs, State Farm and RGEC. We will also provide families with community resources.

Two-Way Communication

By working and communicating with each other, we help our students succeed. It is vital to establish two-way communication between our families and school. We communicate in a variety of ways, which include:

  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Facebook
  • Remind
  • School Messenger and other phone calls
  • Marquee
  • Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Title I Annual Meeting


One of the most important things we can do to help our students, is work together as a team.

  • Teachers will provide you with information about your child’s assessments and progress in school.
  • Teachers welcome your feedback on how they can best meet the needs of your child.

We welcome parent volunteers! 

Teachers will provide training for volunteers in our classrooms and our library.  We also need help on field trips.  For more information, please contact, Ina Rivera, our secretary.

We look forward to your involvement at Governor Bent Elementary School